Checklists of hazards and safety features

Note that the more the audit answers register as "no " the more serious the potential problems. Please feel free to print this checklist, complete it, and save it for your records. Completing the form on-line will not save your answers, though you are welcome to do so and then print the completed copy.

Fire Hazard




Are there sprinklers in the building?



Are there smoke/heat alarms?



Are there fire extinguishers?



Are rare materials in fire-proof housing?



Is the electrical wiring sound?



Are materials stored away from a heating source?



Is the library in a safe location?



Are materials stored away from rubbish and combustible materials?



Are there surrogates, duplicates, or back-ups for the materials?



If so, are they stored remotely?




Water Hazard




Are books stored below ground level?



If yes, are there water alarms?



If below ground, are books shelved at a safe height?



Is storage immediately below the roof?



Is storage away from possible leak sources?



Is ceiling free from old water stains?



Are the walls free of mold or black mildew signs?




Climate Control




Is the library free of condensation problems?



Do doors and windows fit properly?



Is there good air circulation?



Are the storage areas away from mechanical systems?