Off-site Supply Checklist

1. Folding plastic crates (0.5 meters long, 0.35 meters wide, and 0.275 meters deep, or 19.5 x 13 x 10.5 inches). To pack wet books for freezing.

2. Plastic pallets, or "skids" (1.25 x 1 meter, or 48 x 40 inches). To support the full crates.

3. Pallet truck (0.75 x 1.25 meters, or 27 x 48 inches). To transport the pallets.

4. Plastic buckets with lids (20 liters, or 5 gallons). To use for stabilizing wet microfilm. When film is wet, every effort should be made to prevent the emulsion from adhering. The film should be placed in buckets of clean water until it can be dried by a film processor.

5. Hard hats. To protect and identify team members.

6. Electric utility pump. To remove water from low areas.

7. Relative humidity wand. To help determine the relative humidity of stacks of materials.

8. Respirators. To aid breathing when fumes or dust and mold spores are present.

9. Portable lighting units. To illuminate areas when standard lighting has been lost.

10. Portable cord reels (power cables). To run electricity.

11. Gravity roller conveyor (aluminum, 0.45 x 3 meters, or 1.5 x 10 feet). To help in packing and loading crates of wet books.

12. Blotting paper (lightweight). To use in drying flat graphic materials, such as maps.

13. Polyester film (Mylar)(1 x 75 meters, or 40 inches x 250 feet). Large supply, to help with large numbers of large wet items.

14. Polyethylene sheeting (3 x 7.5 meters, or 10 x 25 feet). Additional rolls.

15. Paper towels. Additional large supplies.

16. Safety goggles.

17. Protective aprons.

18. Walkie-talkie set. Cellular telephones may be substituted.